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HMS Jupiter (F85)
HMS Jupiter 1940 IWM A 238.jpg
Jupiter in August 1940, with HMS Kashmir in the background
Career (UK) RN Ensign
Builder: Yarrow & Company
Laid down: 28 September 1937
Launched: 27 October 1938
Commissioned: 25 June 1939
Fate: Struck a mine and sank, 27 February 1942
Status: Sunk
General characteristics
Class & type: J-class destroyer

HMS Jupiter (F85) was a J-class destroyer of the Royal Navy laid down by Yarrow & Company at Scotstoun in Glasgow on 28 September 1937, launched on 27 October 1938 and commissioned on 25 June 1939.


On 29 November 1941, the Jupiter and HMS Encounter, detached from the Mediterranean Fleet, joined up with Force G at Colombo, and the five ships sailed later that day. They rendezvoused with HMS Repulse at sea, and set course for Singapore, where they arrived on 2 December. They spent a few days there with shore leave and refit, while waiting for orders. On 1 December, it was announced that Sir Tom Phillips had been promoted to full Admiral, and appointed Commander-in-Chief of the Eastern Fleet. A few days later, Repulse started on a trip to Australia with the Vampire and Tenedos, but the force was recalled. It wasn't until nine days later that Tenedos and Repulse would join Phillips' Force Z in attacking the Japanese invasion force, and he himself would perish when both Repulse and the Prince of Wales were bombed and sunk by Japanese land base bombers.

She sank the Japanese submarine I-60 on 17 January 1942. HMS Jupiter, commanded by Lieutenant Commander Norman V. J. T. Thew, RN, struck a mine as she steamed with the American-British-Dutch-Australian Command (ABDA) cruiser force during the Battle of the Java Sea. She was sunk off the north Java coast in the Java Sea on 27 February 1942, at 2116 hours, by a mine laid earlier in the day by the Dutch minelayer Gouden Leeuw. Initially, the explosion was thought to be caused by a Japanese torpedo. The wreck has been plotted, and is described by the Admiralty as "very broken up, partly salvaged, and very close to the Java coast".

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Coordinates: 6°45′S 112°6′E / 6.75°S 112.1°E / -6.75; 112.1

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