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HMS Chepstow
Career (UK) RN Ensign
Name: HMS Chepstow
Namesake: Chepstow, Gloucestershire
Builder: Ayrshire Dockyard Co
Launched: 29 February 1916
Fate: Sold to Hughes Bolckow, Blyth, 25 November 1927
General characteristics
Displacement: 810 tons
Length: 235 ft (72 m)
Beam: 29 ft (8.8 m) (58 ft (18 m) at the paddles)
Draught: 6.75 ft (2.06 m)
Propulsion: Designed hp 1400. Inclined compound. Cylindrical return tube.
Speed: max 15 knots
Range: 156 tons coal
Complement: 50 men
Armament: 2 x 12 pdr

HMS Chepstow was a Racecourse class minesweeper of the Royal Navy built in 1916. The Racecourse Class (also called the Ascot Class) comprised 32 paddlewheel coastal minesweeping sloops. It was named for Chepstow Racecourse.

The ship's bell is in St. Mary's Church, Chepstow.


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