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Several ships of the British Royal Navy have been named HMS Audacious.

  • HMS Audacious (1785) was a 74-gun 3rd rate in service from 1785 to 1815.
  • HMS Audacious (1869) was a battleship launched in 1869, converted to a depot ship in 1902, later named Fisgard then Imperieuse, and sold for breakup in 1927.
  • HMS Audacious (1912) was a battleship, launched in 1912 and sunk by a mine in October 1914.
  • HMS Audacious was launched in 1897 as the cargo liner SS Montcalm and changed names multiple time, becoming HMS Audacious when she was a dummy warship between 1914-1916, and SS Polar Chief.[1]
  • HMS Audacious was an initial name of the aircraft carrier HMS Eagle, of the Audacious class. The vessel was renamed HMS Eagle on 21 January 1946, two months before her launch on 19 March 1946.
  • HMS Audacious (S122), laid down in 2009, is an Astute-class submarine currently under construction.

A 14-gun sloop that HMS Magnanime captured from France in 1798, Audacieux, was commissioned into the Royal Navy as HMS Audacieux.[2] The ship appears never to have been commissioned and was last listed in 1801.


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