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HDMS Hvidbjørnen (F360)
Hvidbjoernen (F360) Thetis class frigate.jpg
Career (Denmark)
Name: HDMS Hvidbjørnen
Laid down: 2 January 1991
Launched: 11 October 1991
In service: 30 November 1992
General characteristics
Class & type: Thetis-class ocean patrol vessel

Hvidbjørnen dockside at Danish Naval base Grønnedal

The HDMS Hvidbjoernen (da: Hvidbjørnen, older Danish for polar bear) is a Thetis-class ocean patrol vessel belonging to the Royal Danish Navy.


Hvidbjoernen served as a platform for Commander Danish Task Group from 1998 to 2002, whereafter her sister ship Thetis assumed the role.

During a patrol in Faroes waters, the French trawler Bruix (c/s: FTID[citation needed]) was suspected of illegal fishery. When approached by Hvidbjørnen the French trawler refused to let an inspection team aboard and started to sail towards the territorial border. During the chase the two ships collided (no persons injured).[1][2][3]

The Hvidbjoernen and the HDMS Ejnar Mikkelsen participated with Danish air elements in sovereignty and Search and Rescue exercises off Greenland's west coast.[4] The vessels patrol took them to the Nares Strait, close to Hans Island, the approaches to the Northwest Passage, and to Lancaster Sound. In Lancaster Sound they joined in a Search and Rescue exercise with the Canadian Coast Guard vessel the CCGS Henry Larsen.


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