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HCS Coote (1827)
Career (East India Company) Flag of the British East India Company (1801).svg
Operator: East India Company
Laid down: 1827
Fate: Wrecked in 1845, later sank during attempted salvage
General characteristics
Type: Sloop of war
Tons burthen: 420[1] (bm)
Decks: One
Armament: 18 cannon[1]

HCS Coote was a sloop-of-war that served the British East India Company (EIC) during the 19th century.[2][3] The Bombay Dockyard launched Coote in 1827.[4][5] Though the EIC built Coote, her size and armament were equivalent to the retired Cruizer-class brig-sloops. Coote participated in the 1839 Aden Expedition along with HCS Mahi and the frigate HMS Volage and the brig HMS Cruizer of the British Royal Navy.[6]


Coote was lost on 1 December 1845. She had left Bombay on 22 November, and wrecked at Calicut, on the Malabar Coast, on what became known as Coote Reef (11°14′00″N 75°46′00″E / 11.23333°N 75.76667°E / 11.23333; 75.76667).[Note 1] Her officers and crew abandoned her as unsalvageable on 3 December. Her captain, Lieutenant J.S. Grieve, his officers, and crew all survived. All her guns, and a great deal of her stores and ammunition were saved.[8][9] The EIC was able, eventually, to get her off the rocks. The company decided to sell the hull at Calicut rather than attempt to tow it to Bombay. A Calicut resident bought the hull for 10,000 rupees, but as she was being towed on shore where her leaks might be repaired, she sank into mud and appeared a total loss.[10]

Notes, citations, and references[]


  1. One source gives the year of loss as 1846.[7] Another gives it as 1855.[4]


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