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Gwardia Ludowa WRN was a leftist mainstream political organization; to learn more about the communist pro-Soviet formation see Gwardia Ludowa.

Gwardia Ludowa WRN (GL WRN, People's Guard of WRN) was a part of the Polish resistance movement in World War II. Created in 1939 by Polish Socialist Party - WRN faction, since 1940 it was subordinated to ZWZ (name changed to Armia Krajowa (AK) in 1942) with a degree of autonomy. In 1944 it numbered about 42,000 people. It was disbanded in early 1945. Together with the Home Army or Armia Krajowa proper, the People's Guard "Freedom Equality Independence" did try, and on a small scale succeeded (some remote araeas only), in providing the Polish citizens with the Polish Underground Police and court system independent from that of the nazi German occupant. The civilian head of the Gwardia Ludowa WRN was Kazimierz Puzak.


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