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Guns & Ammo
Editor Jim Bequette
Staff writers Craig Boddington, Jeff Cooper, Abe Walsh, Patrick Sweeney, Massad Ayoob
Frequency Monthly
Publisher InterMedia Outdoors
First issue 1958 (1958)
Country United States
Based in Los Angeles, California
ISSN 0017-5684
OCLC number 59807780

Guns & Ammo is a magazine dedicated to firearms, hunting, competitive shooting, reloading, and other shooting-related activities in the United States.

The magazine primarily offers reviews on guns, ammunition, scopes, and shooting gear; as well as gunsmithing tips, historical articles, gun collecting, self-defense and alerts on gun rights. In addition to those departments, each issue contains a few featured articles and personality profiles of people in the firearms industry as well as press releases of new products. It has a readership of 5.8 million per month and is published on a monthly basis.[1]


Guns & Ammo was founded by Robert E. Petersen in 1958 and has featured writers such as Craig Boddington, Jeff Cooper, Abe Walsh, Patrick Sweeney and Massad Ayoob.[2] Former National Rifle Association president Charlton Heston authored a gun rights column for the magazine titled "From the Capitol" until 2007.[1]


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