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Gulf Medal
Awarded by United Kingdom
Type Campaign medal
Eligibility British forces.
Awarded for Campaign service.
Campaign Kuwait and Saudi Arabia 1990–91.
Description Cupro-nickel disk, 36 mm diameter.
  • 2 Aug 1990
  • 16 Jan to 28 Feb 1991
Established 1992
Total awarded 59,687 (to UK forces)
Gulf Medal BAR.svg

Ribbon of the Gulf Medal
Gulf Medal BAR MID.svg

Ribbon of the Gulf Medal with palm for Mentioned in Dispatches

The Gulf War Medal was a campaign medal approved in 1992, for issue to officers and men of British forces who served in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia during Operation Granby (the Liberation of Kuwait) in 1990–91.

The medal alone was awarded to personnel for thirty days continuous service in the Middle East (in a defined area of operations, including Cyprus) between 2 August 1990 and 7 March 1991. Two clasps were authorised for those who served in Kuwait during the Iraqi invasion, and for those who took part in operations to liberate Kuwait.[1] In undress uniform, a rosette is worn on the medal ribbon to denote the award of either clasp.

The breakdown of awards to the armed forces was as follows:[2]

Service Medal only Medal with clasp 2 Aug 1990 Medal with clasp 16 Jan to 28 Feb 1991 Total
Royal Navy 2,409 Nil 3,942 6,351
Royal Marines 130 Nil 407 537
Army 4,093 46 34,692 38,831
RAF 5,673 20 8,275 13,968
Total 12,305 66 47,316 59,687

About 1,500 civilians including American, Australian, British, Canadian and New Zealand members of British Aerospace working at Dhahran and Riyadh also received the medal with the clasp 16th Jan to 28th Feb. Most were recently retired members of their respective country's armed forces.


  • 2 Aug 1990
Awarded to the members of the Kuwait Liaison Team who were in Kuwait on this date.
  • 16 Jan-28 Feb 1991
Awarded for seven days continuous service between these dates in the designated Theatre of Operations. This clasp signifies service during the actual war.


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