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Sardar Gujjar Singh Bangahi was a great Sikh warrior. He was the one of triumvirate who ruled over Lahore for thirty years before Ranjeet Singh Gujjar Singh was son of a cultivator of modest mean, Nattha Singh trong and well built, Gujjar Singh received the vows of the Khalsa at the hands of his maternal grandfather Gurbakhsh Sing Roranvala who presented him with a horse and recruited him a member of his band as Gurbakhsh Singh was grown old, he made Gujjar Singh head of his band soon the band was united the force of Hari Singh, head of the Banghi Misl of Chiefship,Gujjar Singh set out on acareer of conquest and plunder, in 1765, he along with Lihina Singh, adopted son of Gurbakhsh Singh and Soba Singh an associate of Jai Singh Khahiya,captured Lahorefrom Afghans as Lahina Singh was senior in relationship being his maternal uncle, Gujjar Singh allowed Lahina Singh to take possession of the city and fort, himself occupying eastern part the city, then jungle Gujjar Singh erected part of the city, then a jangle Gujjar Singh erected a mud fortress and invited people to settled there, he sank wells to supply water.a mosque was built for Muslims the area the site of present day railway station of Lahore still bears his name and is known as a Qila Gujar Singh.

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