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Guard Battalion
Vahipataljon emblem.svg
Insignia of the Guard Battalion
Active 09.01.1919 – 17.06.1940[1]
22.01.1993 – present
Country Estonia
Allegiance Estonian Army
Branch Infantry, Military Police
Type Foot Guards
Role Urban warfare, Training
Size Battalion
Part of Northern Defence District (Tallinn)
Garrison/HQ Tallinn, North-Estonia
Nickname(s) Presidendi Kaardivägi
Lieutenant colonel Kalle Teras
Colonel Oskar Raudvere

The Guard Battalion (Estonian: Vahipataljon) is an infantry battalion of the Northern Defence Command of the Estonian Ground Forces. It is based in Tallinn and consists of the Infantry Company under the command of Lieutenant Aavo Väljak and the Military Police Company under the command of Lieutenant Mirko Volmer. This battalion is specialized in urban warfare. This unit was previously known as the Infantry Training Centre Independent Guard Battalion.

The Guard Battalion is also the place for training of the Paramedic Course (applicants get the rank of Junior Sergeant and position of platoon or company paramedic upon completion) and the NAK (Junior Officer Course – rank of Corporal or Junior Sergeant and position of squad leader or platoon elder aid upon completion). With NAK completed, it is possible to continue to the Platoon Commander Aid Course, after completion of which the applicants get the corresponding position and the title of aspirant. In case the platoon commander becomes MIA or receives an injury not compatible with his duties, it is the aspirant who takes over the unit.

Being the capital's main garrison, the Guard Battalion also has the duty of carrying the watch over the presidential palace and welcoming foreign diplomats and political guests.

It is expected to relocate this unit to Jägala Army Base in the near future (possibly 2014).

Unit structure

  • Headquarters[2]
  • 1. Training company (õppekompanii)
  • 2. Training company
  • 3. Training company
  • Staff and support centre

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