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The Grouping Combat Divers (Grupamento de Mergulhadores de Combate or GRUMEC) Is a unit of Special Forces of

The GRUMEC soldiers are in a constant training, being one of the best special forces in the world

Navy of Brazil. With doctrine similar to the U.S. Navy Seals and the Boats Special Service British. Its function is to infiltrate without being perceived, in coastal areas and riparian and perform tasks such as recognition, sabotage and destroy targets of strategic value.

The GRUMEC was created in 1974 and is subject to Submarine Force, Which gives you your primary means of transportation. The teams are transported to the vicinity of the target by a submarine, From which come swimming in kayaks or inflatable boats can be launched from the submarine still under water. The GRUMEC can also reach the target jumping from parachute or alighting from helicopters.

The Gerr - MEC, and the Special Resume Rescue - Combat Divers Brings together staff responsible for the resumption of ships, naval installations, oil platforms, as well as the hostage rescue that may be taken / dominated by terrorists or other criminals. Using the tactic known as VBSS (Vessel Boarding Search and Seizure) And train regularly together with the Commands Amphibians.


The first MECs (Combat Divers) Brazil were two officers and two squares

GRUMEC's badge

that concluded in 1964 the course of the Underwater Demolition Team (Underwater Demolition Team), a former elite force of U.S. Navy, forerunner of the Navy Seals. Based on the experience of these soldiers was created in 1970 Division of Combat Divers at Base Almirante Castro e Silva. In the year 1971 two officers and three squares were qualified by the French Navy as "nageurs de combat"And 1974, Was formed in Brazil, the current Centre for Education and Dressage Almirante Monteiro Attila Aché (CIAM), the first class of Combat Divers.

In 1983 Division of Combat Divers was transformed into the Grouping Combat Divers, as part of the Command of the Submarine Force. On December 12 of 1997 the Minister of the Navy created the Cluster of Combat Divers, based in the city Rio de Janeiro and directly subordinated to the Command of the Submarine Force. Was activated on March 10 of 1998.


The training course is a priority for Brazilian Navy, Army Corps or the Navy Supplementary Table can not be attended by Marines and aims to enable them to operate diving equipment, weapons, explosives, use techniques and tactics for unconventional warfare and low intensity conflict, enabling them to perform, in short, the various types of special operations. Besides being the

GRUMECs in Haiti

longest operating current of the Brazilian Armed Forces, is known to be one of the most rigorous of every 30 subscribers, an average of four can complete it, and there are issues on which no candidate was formed.

It is divided into two categories, so officials there called CAMEC - Stroke Improvement Diver Combat Officers, Lasting 41 weeks, divided into four phases and a phase 0Where special emphasis is given to the planning of operations, with the disciplines of military physical training, military planning process and case studies, contemporary management and basics of managers and leadership. In the other stages, the materials include: military physical training, self-defense; hygiene campaign, first aid, self-contained open and closed circuit, fighting techniques, riverine operations, demolitions, weapons, communications, recognition techniques beach; operations Special underwater; introduction to the microcomputer and communications system of the Navy, and intelligence.

For squares (Sergeants and Corporals), there is ESP-C-MEC - Special Course Combat Divers, Lasting 42 weeks, with the same instructional activities of Cameco, except stage 0.

After graduating MEC, the military is called to serve in GRUMEC, where he will attend a full complement of training program and conduct extension courses and internships in various areas, such as deactivation of Explosive Devices (AED), Basic Parachutist

GRUMEC's Headquarters

Course Military Master Salto, Salto Livre, Mestre de Salto Livre, Precursor Parachutist, Dubbing and Maintenance of Parachute and supplies by air (Domps) Basic Mountaineering Training Course, Jungle Operations, Stage Operations in the Pantanal, Stage Hunter, among others.

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