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Greek frigate Psara (F-454)
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Psara (F-454) (Φ/Γ Ψαρά (F-454)
Career (Greece) Flag of Greece.svg
Namesake: the Psara Island
Builder: Hellenic Shipyards Co.
Launched: December 20, 1994
Commissioned: 1998
Fate: in active service
Notes: Official Hellenic Navy page
General characteristics
Class & type: Hydra class frigate
Displacement: 3,350 tons
Length: 117 m
Beam: 14.8 m
Draft: 6 m
Propulsion: [2 shaft CODOG, controllable pitch propellers ,
2 General Electric LM2500 gas turbines 60,656 hp
2 MTU 20V 956 diesel engines, 10,040 hp
Speed: 31-knot (57 km/h) maximum
20-knot (37 km/h) cruise
Range: 4,100 nm at 16 kts (diesels)
Complement: 173
Sensors and
processing systems:
  • Signaal MW08 air search radar
  • Signaal DA08 air surface radar
  • 2 Signaal STIR fire control radar
  • Racal Decca 2690 BT navigation radar
  • Raytheon SQS-56/DE 1160 hull-mounted and VDS sonar
  • SLQ-25 Nixie torpedo decoy
  • Mk XII Mod 4 IFF radar
  • 2 Signaal Mk 73 Mod 1 radar for ESSM
  • Signaal STACOS Mod 2 combat data system
  • SAR-8 IR searcher
Electronic warfare
& decoys:
  • Argo AR 700 ESM system
  • Telegon 10 ESM system
  • Argo APECS II ECM system
  • 4 SCLAR decoy launchers
  • Armament:Mk 45 Mod 2A,
    Mk15 Phalanx 20 mm CIWS,
    2 Mk141 4×8 Harpoon missile launchers,
    Mk 48 Mod 2 vertical launcher for 16×RIM-162 ESSM,
    2 Mk32 Mod 5 2×324mm T/T for Mk46 torpedoes
    Aircraft carried: 1
    Aviation facilities: Hangar for 1 Sikorsky S-70B-6 Aegean Hawk helicopter

    The Greek Frigate Psara (F-454) (Greek Φ/Γ Ψαρά) is the third ship of the Greek Hydra frigate class. It is based on the Blohm + Voss MEKO 200 frigate class and was buil by Hellenic Shipyards Co. at Skaramangas as part of the programm. She has participated in various NATO and international operations such as Sharp Guard, Decisive Enhancement, Enduring Freedom, EU Operation Atalanta, etc.

    On 29 March 2009, as flagship of EU NAVFOR Atalanta, Psara was involved in the capture of Somalian pirates fleeing from an unsuccessful hijack attempt on FGS Spessart, along with HNLMS De Zeven Provinciën, SPS Victoria and USS Boxer.[1]


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