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Grand Cross of Valour
File:Grand Cross of Valour.jpg
Country Rhodesia
Type Military decoration
Awarded for Conspicuous Valour
Post-nominals GCV
Established 1970
First awarded 1978
Last awarded 1980
Total awarded 2
  • CF Schulenburg
  • GA Wilson
Next (lower) Conspicuous Gallantry Decoration

The Grand Cross of Valour was Rhodesia's highest military decoration, awarded for conspicuous valour by members of the Security Forces in combat.


The award was instituted in 1970 by Presidential Warrant, the first award being made in 1978. The second and final award was made in June 1980.


The medal was a 9ct gold cross with an enamelled roundel in the centre bearing a lion's head, suspended by a V-shaped suspender from a scarlet ribbon woven with a central green stripe edged in white, with a gold stripe between the red and white. The medal was impressed in small capitals with the recipient's name on the reverse, and was awarded with a case of issue, miniature medal for wear, and an illuminated certificate.


Just two awards of the Grand Cross of Valour were made.[1] The first recipient was Acting Captain C . F. Schulenberg, S.C.R. of the Selous Scouts. Following majority rule in 1980, the Grand Cross of Valour was awarded to Major Grahame Wilson, S.C.R., B.C.R., second-in-command of the Rhodesian SAS, and Rhodesia's most highly-decorated soldier.[2] Recipients were entitled to the post-nominal letters G.C.V.


The Grand Cross of Valour was superseded in October 1980[3] by the Gold Cross of Zimbabwe, which is awarded for conspicuous bravery in perilous conditions, but which is open for award to civilians as well as military personnel.Just three AirForce pilots have been awarded this medal in Zimbabwe after an outstanding performance in the Democratic Republic of Congo.The officers are the late Group Captain Micheal Dhabha(2002),Squadron Leader Ishmael Kadenga(2004)and Squadron Leader Earnest Matsambira(2004).Recipients are entitled to the letters G.C.Z.[4] Air Force Magazine vol3,No8.

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