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Godfrey Dean Rhodes
Born 1886
Died February 21, 1971(1971-02-21)
Place of birth British Columbia
Allegiance United Kingdom United Kingdom
Service/branch Flag of the British Army.svg British Army
Years of service 1907-1934 1941-4
Rank Brigadier Sir
Unit Royal Engineers

Brigadier Sir Godfrey Dean Rhodes CB, CBE, and DSO was a Canadian born and educated soldier who served with the British Army in Canada, Turkey, Bulgaria, Kenya, Uganda, Persia-Iraq and India.


Sword of Honour @ Royal Military College of Canada

He was born in Victoria, British Columbia, was educated at Trinity College School, Port Hope, Ontario. He enrolled at the Royal Military College of Canada in Kingston, Ontario from 1903–07, student #. He was first in his class, served as College Battalion Sergeant-Major in 1906–07 and won the Sword of Honour. He graduated with honours, and won the Governor-General's Gold Medal.

Military service[]

On graduation, he was commissioned by the Imperial Army and served with the Royal Engineers. He was promoted Second Lieutenant in the Corps of Royal Engineers on 27 June 1907. He initially serviced in India with the 9 Railway Company Sappers. During the war of 1914–18, he served in France and the Near East. Following the collapse of Turkey he went to Constantinople to take over the Turkish State Railways. He later took over the Bulgarian Railway Lines.


He married Lady Reith and the couple had a son and daughter. Brigadier-General (Ret`d) Sir Godfrey Rhodes was appointed General Manager, Kenya and Uganda Railways and Harbours, with effect from 30 October 1934 until he was seconded to military duty in 1941

Civilian career[]

As a Major with the Royal Engineers he was an associate civil engineer in Rhodes, Macpherson Fox Smith (Cape Town). Prior to World War II, he served as Chief Engineer and later General Manager of the Kenya and Uganda Railways and Harbours. He was active in the Boy Scout movement and served as Chief Scout Commissioner for Kenya prior to World War II.[1] He was seconded to military duty in 1942. Brigadier-General Sir Godfrey Rhodes CB, CBE, DSO (1886-1971) served as British Director of Transportation and Deputy Quartermaster General, head of the Anglo-Iranian-Soviet Transportation Board in 1942.

In 1941, he went to Iran, to inaugurate the "Aid to Russia" service and was known as "The Saviour of Stalingrad". Since it looked as if Iraq, Persia and Turkey would become a battle area, the British forces in these areas were strengthened. A new Command called Persia and. Iraq Force (PAIFORCE) was formed in September, 1942. In 1942, he became Deputy Quartermaster General Movements and Transportation for the Persia and Iraq Force with headquarters at Baghdad. In March, 1945, he was appointed Regional Port Director of Calcutta, under the Government of India.[2]

Awards and recognition[]

He was awarded the CB, CBE, and DSO. He was mentioned in despatches three times. He received the Legion of Honour, by France; the Order of the Redeemer, by Greece; the Order of the White Eagle, by Siberia. His Majesty the King bestowed a Knighthood on him on 1 Jan 1934.


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