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Global Industrial Defence Solutions
Type Arms company
Industry Defence
Products Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Global Industrial Defence Solutions (GIDS) is an arms and manufacturing company established in Pakistan in 2007. It represents a conglomeration of Pakistani manufacturing companies in international markets and is a major contractor to the Pakistani military.

Established in 2007,[1] GIDS is based in Islamabad[2] and Rawalpindi, Pakistan.[3] According to Jane's, it is "Pakistan’s largest state-owned manufacturer of unmanned aerial vehicles".[4] GIDS frequently exhibits its products at arms expositions in the Middle East and Africa.[4][5] Its CEO is Major General Syed Guftar Shah.[6]

GIDS exports Pakistani defence manufacturing products to international markets and acts as "the means to help vertically integrate customers across Pakistan’s wider defence industry".[7][8] It manufactures products such as the Range Extension Kit (REK) for Mk-80-series general-purpose bombs.[9]

GIDS also make parts for Pakistani army's main battle tanks, such as Integrated Battlefield Management Systems.[10] Foreign Affairs have reported that GIDS have demonstrated reconnaissance drones at arms fairs in Islamabad.[11] They also make a model of glide bomb, a weapons delivery system, known as 'Takbir', the Arabic phrase for the common Islamic profession of faith 'Allahu akbar'.[12]


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