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Type Strategic MRBM
Service history
Used by  Iran
Production history
Manufacturer  Iran
Warhead One

Engine First stage liquid,
Second stage Solid
1,800-2,000 km[1]

The Ghadr-110 (Persian: قدر-110, meaning "intensity") is a medium-range ballistic missile designed and developed by Iran. The missile has a range of 1,800 km[2] to 2,000 km.[1] The Iranian Armed Forces first displayed the missile to the public at an annual military parade to mark the Iran-Iraq war.

The Ghadr-110 is an improved version of the Shahab-3A, also known as the Ghadr-101. It is believed to have a liquid-fuel first stage and a solid-fuel second stage, which allowes it to have a range of 1,500 km.[1] The Ghadr-110 has a higher maneuverability and a shorter set up time than the Shahab-3. Its set-up time is 30 minutes while the older Shahab-3 has a set-up time of several hours. The missile has been manufactured entirely in Iran at the top-secret Hemmat Missile Industries Complex.[3]

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