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This is the German Army order of battle on the Western Front at the close of the war.

The overall commander of the Imperial German Army was Kaiser Wilhelm II, but real power resided with The Chief of the General Staff, Generalfeldmarschall Paul von Hindenburg, and his First Quartermaster, General der Infanterie Erich Ludendorff.

Order of Battle

The German Army on the Western Front on 30 October 1918[1] was organised as 4 Army Groups (Heeresgruppe) controlling 13 army-level commands.

Heeresgruppe Kronprinz Rupprecht

Army Group Army Corps Division
Heeresgruppe Kronprinz Rupprecht
Rupprecht, Crown Prince of Bavaria
4th Army
General der Infanterie
Friedrich Bertram Sixt von Armin
Naval Corps 1st Naval Division
2nd Naval Division
two thirds 38th Landwehr Division
one third 3rd Division
85th Landwehr Division
Guards Reserve Corps 3rd Reserve Division
two thirds 3rd Division
13th Reserve Division
16th Bavarian Division
36th Reserve Division
11th Bavarian Division
4th Division
one third 38th Landwehr Division
16th Reserve Division
23rd Division
3rd Landwehr Division
Guards Corps 26th Division
19th Division
Guards Ersatz Division
207th Division
1st Bavarian Reserve Division
21st Division
52nd Reserve Division
6th Cavalry Schützen Division
X Reserve Corps 49th Reserve Division
23rd Reserve Division
11th Reserve Division
56th Division
6th Bavarian Reserve Division
39th Division
40th Division
6th Army
General der Infanterie
Ferdinand von Quast
55th Corps (z.b.V.) 38th Division
12th Bavarian Division
5th Bavarian Division
two thirds 4th Ersatz Division
9th Reserve Division
IV Corps 2nd Guards Reserve Division
one third 4th Ersatz Division
36th Division
XXXX Reserve Corps 16th Division
8th Division
XI Corps No units assigned
17th Army
General der Infanterie
Bruno von Mudra
I Bavarian Reserve Corps 187th Division
26th Reserve Division
10th Ersatz Division
208th Division
II Bavarian Corps 234th Division
25th Division
XVIII Corps 220th Division
35th Division
6th Division
XIV Reserve Corps 214th Division
111th Division
48th Reserve Division
206th Division
12th Division
28th Reserve Division
2nd Army
General der Infanterie
Adolph von Carlowitz
54th Corps (z.b.V.) 21st Reserve Division
22nd Division
4th Division
113th Division
239th Division
12th Reserve Division
Jäger Division
185th Division
IV Reserve Corps 14th Division
58th Division
18th Reserve Division
30th Division
44th Reserve Division
51st Corps (z.b.V.) 2nd Cyclist Brigade
243rd Division
121st Division
54th Division
1st Guards Reserve Division
22nd Reserve Division
Under Army command 17th Reserve Division

Heeresgruppe Deutscher Kronprinz

Army Group Army Corps Division
Heeresgruppe Deutscher Kronprinz
General der Infanterie
Wilhelm, Crown Prince of Germany
18th Army
General der Infanterie
Oskar von Hutier
I Bavarian Corps 19th Reserve Division
29th Division
15th Reserve Division
200th Division
204th Division
34th Division
XXVI Reserve Corps 75th Reserve Division
9th Division
18th Division
6th Bavarian Division
XVIII Reserve Corps 231st Division
238th Division
81st Reserve Division
2nd Division
1st Reserve Division
two thirds of 82nd Reserve Division
5th Reserve Division
XIV Corps 232nd Division
237th Division
11th Division
221st Division
105th Division
87th Division
Under Army Command 5th Ersatz Division
7th Army
Max von Boehn
XVII Corps 24th Reserve Division
86th Division
one third of 10th Reserve Division
III Corps one third of 10th Reserve Division
26th Division
227th Division
3rd Naval Division
VIII Reserve Corps 84th Division
19th Division
2nd Bavarian Division
one third of 10th Reserve Division
65th Corps (z.b.V.) 5th Division
4th Guards Division
216th Division
50th Division
VII Corps No units assigned
Moving to Armee-Abteilung A 24th Division
1st Army
General der Infanterie
Otto von Below
VII Reserve Corps 1st Division
50th Reserve Division
8th Bavarian Reserve Division
17th Division
parts of Guards Cavalry Schützen Division
VI Reserve Corps 80th Reserve Division
Guards Cavalry Schützen Division (less elements)
XXIV Reserve Corps 51st Reserve Division
7th Division
3rd Army
Karl von Einem
XXV Reserve Corps 9th Landwehr Division
199th Division
3rd Guards Division
1st Guards Division
XVI Corps 213th Division
242nd Division
1st Bavarian Division
I Reserve Corps 202nd Division
14th Reserve Division
203rd Division
195th Division
76th Reserve Division
42nd Division
103rd Division
XXXVIII Reserve Corps No units assigned
Moving to Bavaria 4th Bavarian Division

Heeresgruppe Gallwitz

Army Group Army Corps Division
Heeresgruppe Gallwitz
General der Artillerie
Max von Gallwitz
5th Army
General der Kavallerie
Georg von der Marwitz
58th Corps (z.b.V.) 240th Division
15th Bavarian Division
52nd Division
31st Division
XXI Corps 13th Division
28th Division
107th Division
5th Bavarian Reserve Division
88th Division
115th Division
V Reserve Corps 123rd Division
1st Division (Austria-Hungary)
part of 106th Division (Austria-Hungary)
228th Division
192nd Division
41st Division
27th Division
117th Division
IX Reserve Corps 1st Landwehr Division
15th Division
XVIII Corps (Austria-Hungary) 33rd Division
32nd Division
106th Division (Austria-Hungary) (less elements)
37th Division
236th Division
20th Division
Moving to Armee-Abteilung C 45th Reserve Division
Armee-Abteilung C
Georg Fuchs
XIII Corps 5th Guards Division
3rd Bavarian Division
241st Division
V Corps 13th Landwehr Division
94th Division
35th Division (Austria-Hungary)
XII Reserve Corps 5th Landwehr Division
224th Division
57th Corps (z.b.V.) 8th Landwehr Division
255th Division
Group Metz 31st Landwehr Brigade
10th Division
18th Landwehr Division
2nd Landwehr Division

Heeresgruppe Herzog Albrecht von Württemberg

Army Group Army Corps Division
Heeresgruppe Herzog Albrecht von Württemberg
Albrecht, Duke of Württemberg
19th Army
Felix Graf von Bothmer
XIX Corps 84th Landwehr Brigade
48th Landwehr Division
66th Corps (z.b.V.) 2nd Bavarian Landwehr Division
19th Ersatz Division
17th Reserve Division
XV Corps 1st Bavarian Landwehr Division
83rd Division
Armee-Abteilung A
General der Infanterie
Johannes von Eben
59th Corps (z.b.V.) 96th Division
21st Landwehr Division
75th Reserve Division
VII Corps 82nd Composite Reserve Infantry Brigade
301st Division
XV Bavarian Reserve Corps 39th Bavarian Reserve Division
61st Landwehr Brigade
IX Corps (Austria-Hungary) 37th Division (Austria-Hungary)
4th Landwehr Division
Armee-Abteilung B
General der Infanterie
Erich von Gündell
64th Corps (z.b.V.) 6th Bavarian Landwehr Division
4th Cavalry Schützen Division
7th Cavalry Schützen Division
X Corps 26th Landwehr Division
30th Bavarian Reserve Division
31st Division
XII Corps 44th Landwehr Division
25th Landwehr Division


  • Armee-Abteilung or Army Detachment in the sense of "something detached from an Army". It is not under the command of an Army so is in itself a small Army.[2]
  • Armee-Gruppe or Army Group in the sense of a group within an Army and under its command, generally formed as a temporary measure for a specific task.
  • Heeresgruppe or Army Group in the sense of a number of armies under a single commander.

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