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German Air Force Regiment "Friesland"
Objektschutzregiment der Luftwaffe "Friesland"
Coat of arms of the Objektschutzregiment Lw
Active 1 July 2006-Present
Country Federal Republic of Germany
Branch German Air Force
Type Infantry
Role Ground Defence/Low Level Air Defence
Size 4 Battalions
Part of 4th Air Force Division
(4. Luftwaffendivision)
Garrison/HQ I. Bn - Schortens/Wittmund
II. Bn - Kerpen
III. Bn - Diepholz/Schortens
IV. Bn - Inactive
Regt HQ - Schortens
Engagements War in Afghanistan
Colonel (Oberst) i. G. Harald Schulz

The German Air Force Regiment (German language: Objektschutzregiment der Luftwaffe "Friesland") is a ground based branch of the German Air Force (Luftwaffe).

Organisation and current role

The purpose of the regiment is ground based defence of air force bases and installations, as well as capturing and securing enemy air installations. It is divided into four battalions (Objektschutzbataillone). Each battalion, except for an inactive one, consists of a number of Staffeln (Squadrons), equivalent to an infantry company.

The three active battalions are structured based on the specialty of the unit.

  • I. Bn specialises in Infantry with three Squadrons, as well as one Air Defence Artillery Squadron which is equipped with Stinger missiles.
  • II. Bn specialises solely in Infantry

Both I. and II. Bn are "active" Force Protection.

  • III. Bn's role is "passive" Force Protection. This means it has squadrons who specialise in Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Warfare and defense measures (NBC), Explosive Ordnance Reconnaissance and Disposal (EOR/EOD), air base damage disposal, as well as fire fighting and defensive measures. It hosts also the "Luftwaffenpionierlehrkompanie" (German, lit.: Air Force Engineers Training Company) previously subordinated to the Technische Schule der Luftwaffe 3 (TSLw 3, German, lit.: Technical School of the Air Force) in Faßberg Air Base which specialises in the training for air base damage disposal.


  • Objektschutzregiment der Luftwaffe
    • I. Bn Objektschutzregiment der Luftwaffe (Force Protection: Active)
      • HQ I./Objektschutzregiment
      • 1. Sqn (Force Protection, Sniper)
      • 2. Sqn (Force Protection)
      • 3. Sqn (Force Protection)
      • 4. Sqn (Air Defence)
    • II. Bn Objektschutzregiment der Luftwaffe (Force Protection: Active)
      • HQ II./Objektschutzregiment
      • 5. Sqn (Force Protection, Sniper)
      • 6. Sqn (Force Protection)
      • 7. Sqn (Force Protection)
      • Feldnachrichtenkräfte Luftwaffe (HUMINT)
    • III. Bn Objektschutzregiment der Luftwaffe (Force Protection: Passive)
      • HQ III./Objektschutzregiment
      • 8. Sqn (NBC Defence)
      • 9. Sqn (Fire Fighting)
      • 10. Sqn (EOD)
      • 11. Sqn (Combat Engineers)
      • 12. Sqn (Combat Engineers Training)
    • IV. Bn Objektschutzregiment der Luftwaffe (Reserve)
      • Force Protection Squadron
      • Force Protection Squadron
      • Force Protection Squadron
      • Force Protection Squadron
      • Combat Engineer Platoon
      • Combat Engineer Platoon
      • NBC Defence Platoon


A soldier of the Air Force Regiment (right) together with an American airman during an exercise at Büchel Air Base in 2007.

Previously the German Air Force had an Objektschutz (Force Protection) force in each Fliegerhorstgruppe (Air Base group) to protect the air base, as well as an Objektschutzbataillon. However due to structural changes in the Bundeswehr, all previous forces have been united to one regiment, the Objektschutzregiment. Thus on July 1, 2006, the Objektschutzbataillone were dissolved and instead the new Objektschutzregiment "Friesland" was founded. The Objektschutzregiment "Friesland" comprises all former battalions (3 active and 1 inactive).

In 2006 and 2007 the 3. Sqn was deployed to Mazari Sharif, Afghanistan, as part of the German ISAF contingent.[1]

History of the honorary name

Official History from the German Air Force: On April 26, 1988 the Jagdbombergeschwader 38 (Fighter/bomber Wing 38) received the name extension "Friesland". Then time Minister of Defence Dr. Manfred Wörner gave the Squadron its name. In his speech, he said 'This name will show the connection and the good relationship between the Squadron and the public'. After the Jagdbombergeschwader 38 was decommissioned on 31 August 2005, it was Sven Ambrosy's, County Official for Friesland, wish that this tradition of cohesion be continued by the Objektschutzregiment der Luftwaffe.


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