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Georges Delfanne, called Christian Masuy (22 January 1913, Brussels - 1 October 1947) was a Belgian collaborator and spy during the German occupation in World War II .


Prior to the war, Delfanne was a far-right Rexist militant and gained the confidence of Léon Degrelle (later a general in the Waffen SS).[1] In the 1930s, he got Jews out of Germany in return for money but was in the process arrested in Cologne and recruited by the German intelligence services.

Arriving in France in 1940, he bought the services of the politicians Jacques Doriot and Marcel Bucard, becoming their handler. Under the occupation, he became an auxiliary of the Gestapo in France, sometimes presenting himself as "head of counter-espionage"[1] in his sector. He infiltrated or organised the infiltration of French Resistance networks, notably the Parsifal and Défense de la France networks, and arrested more than 800 Resistance workers, some of whom he interrogated and tortured, notably Simone Michel-Lévy.[2]

At the end of the war, he fled to Spain but was tracked down by the Americans, tried in France, condemned to death and shot by firing squad on 1 October 1947 at Fort de Montrouge (Hauts-de-Seine).


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