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George Spafford Evans (1826–1883), Texas Ranger, miner, businessman, County Clerk for Tuolumne County, Customs official and Senate Clerk for the State of California.

Early life

Born in August 8, 1826 in Tecumseh, Michigan, George S. Evans came to California in 1849 from Texas, where he had served in the Texas Rangers during the Mexican-American War. He was involved in mining, business, and later in government work for both Tuolumne County and the State of California. He married Fannie Markham of Sonora in 1857 and they would have six children.[1]

Civil War

After the outbreak of the American Civil War, on October 16, 1861, Evans, joined the California Volunteers with the "Tuolumne Rangers", (later Company E, of the 2nd California Volunteer Cavalry), at Camp Alert in San Francisco. He was commissioned as a major, in the 2nd Regiment California Volunteer Cavalry.[1]

Promoted a Lieutenant Colonel, he led the 2nd Volunteer Cavalry during their first two campaigns in the Owens Valley Indian War and later in Utah Territory where he was promoted to Colonel of the Regiment and then to brevet Brigadier-General. In late 1863 he resigned his commission and returned to California, where he was elected to the State Senate in September. He was appointed to serve as Adjutant General of California on July 1864. He continued in that office until May 1, 1868.[1][2]

Later life

He was elected again to the state senate in September 1865, while holding the office of Adjutant General. After serving as Adjutant General, Evans served as Stockton City Councilman (1869), then mayor of Stockton (1870). He was then elected again to the California State Senate in consecutive terms from 1871 to 1877.[3] He was a Candidate for Senate President Pro Tem in 1874 and 1878. He made an unsuccessful bid to be the Republican Party's gubernatorial candidate in 1880. He then moved to San Francisco with his family in 1880, after he was appointed as the State Harbor Commissioner. He remained there until his death in 1883.[1][4]


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