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George Reade (1687 – 28 March 1756) was a British Army officer, fourth son of Sir Edward Reade, 2nd Baronet.

Reade entered the Army in 1703 as a lieutenant in the 1st Regiment of Foot Guards, ranking as a captain in the Army. He served several campaigns in the wars of Queen Anne, and was promoted to captain-lieutenant (with the rank of lieutenant-colonel in the Army) in 1708 and captain in 1709. He unsuccessfully stood for election as Member of Parliament for Tewkesbury at a by-election in 1721, but was returned at the general election in 1722 and re-elected without opposition in 1727. King George II promoted him to the commission of second major of the 1st Foot Guards (with the rank of colonel in the Army) in 1729, and in 1733 appointed him to the colonelcy of the 29th Regiment of Foot; on 28 August 1739 he was removed to the 9th Regiment of Foot. In 1743 he was promoted to the rank of major-general, and to that of lieutenant-general in 1747. In 1749 he was removed to the 9th Regiment of Dragoons, holding that colonelcy to his death.

He married Jane Nowes, daughter of Charles Nowes, in 1744. He died on 28 March 1756, without issue.


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