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Gedeon Ráday
Born 4 May 1841 (1841-05-04)
Died 26 December 1883 (1883-12-27) (aged 42)
Place of birth Pécel, Kingdom of Hungary
Place of death Vienna, Austria-Hungary
Allegiance Austrian Empire Austrian Empire (to 1867)
Hungary Kingdom of Hungary (to 1867)
Austria-Hungary Austria-Hungary

Second Italian War of Independence
Austro-Prussian War

Relations Gedeon Ráday
This article is about the Minister of Defence. For the other uses see Gedeon Ráday (disambiguation).

Count Gedeon Ráday de Ráda (4 May 1841 – 26 December 1883) was a Hungarian soldier and politician, who served as Minister of Defence from 1882 until his death. As a soldier he took part in the Second Italian War of Independence and the Austro-Prussian War. He also fought in the Battle of Königgrätz. Between 1862 and 1865 he was the adjutant of Emperor Franz Joseph. From 1875 Ráday was a representative of the Independent Party but later joined to the Liberal Party. After the unexpected death of Béla Szende he was appointed as Minister of Defence, but similarly to his predecessor Ráday also died under his office holding. His son was Gedeon VII Ráday who became Interior Minister during the Regency.


Political offices
Preceded by
Béla Szende
Minister of Defence
Succeeded by
Béla Orczy

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