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Gate of Trajan
Крепост Траянови Врата - 2015-09-02.jpg
Remnants of the Trajan's Gate fortress
Highest point
Coordinates 42°21′22″N 23°55′6″E / 42.35611°N 23.91833°E / 42.35611; 23.91833
Location Bulgaria

The Gate of Trajan or Trajan's Gate (Bulgarian language: Траянови врата , Trayanovi vrata) is a historic mountain pass near Ihtiman, Bulgaria. It was named so after Roman Emperor Trajan, on whose order a fortress by the name of Stipon was constructed on the hill over the pass, as a symbolic border between the provinces of Thrace and Macedonia.

The pass is primarily known for the major medieval battle of 17 August 986, during which the forces of Byzantine Emperor Basil II were routed by Tsar Samuil of Bulgaria, effectively halting a Byzantine campaign in the Bulgarian lands.[1]

Today, a tunnel of Trakiya motorway similarly known as the Gate of Trajan Tunnel (тунел „Траянови врата“) is near the fortress, 55 kilometres (34 mi) from Sofia.

The saddle Trajan Gate on Graham Land in Antarctica is named after the Gate of Trajan.


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