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Gaj-class of offshore tugboats are series two auxiliary watercraft built by Garden Reach Shipbuilders & Engineers Limited, Kolkata for Indian navy. The vessels in the class are Indian Navy's biggest tugboats and can be used for rowing aircraft carriers.[1]


Each vessel in the class have a 40 ton bollard pull and are powered by twin Garden Reach G7V diesel engines coupled to two propellers with output of 3920 bhp. They have four foam monitors installed for firefighting operation. The vessels have a high speed of 15 Knots and are also fitted with diving and salvage equipment. They carries a RCC (Recompression Chamber) and can render a limited submarine rescue services.[1][2][3]

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Gaj class tugboat
INS Matanga

Ships in the class

Pennant no. Name Launch Commission Decommission
A-51 INS Gaj 20 September 1973[1][2] 14 August 1996
A-53 INS Matang 29 October 1977 2 April 1983


  • Displacement: 1600 tons[1][2]
  • Gross tonnage: 1313 tons
  • Length: 67.8 meters
  • Beam: 12.3 meters
  • Draught: 4 meters
  • Speed: 15 Knots
  • Radar: Decca 1226 (I)
  • Weapon: 40 mm 60-cal Bofors Mk 3
  • Complement: 75 including 6 officers

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