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GSKB Almaz-Antey named after A.A. Raspletin
Type Joint stock company
Industry radiotechnics
Founded 1947
Headquarters Moscow, Russia
Key people Vitaly Neskorodov, General Director (since February 2011)
Pavel Sozinov, General Designer (since February 2011)
Products Air defence missile systems
Parent part of Almaz-Antey holding
Subsidiaries NIEMI, NIIRP, MNIIRE Altair and MNIIPA scientific & research centers.
Website Official site of GSKB Almaz-Antey

GSKB Almaz-Antey headquarters in Moscow (1953)

JSC GSKB Almaz-Antey named after A.A. Raspletin (Russian: ГСКБ Концерна ПВО „Алмаз-Антей“, former SB-1, 1947–50; KB-1, 1950–66; MKB Strela, 1966–71; TsKB Almaz, 1971–88; NPO Almaz, 1988–2008) is a Soviet/Russian military R&D enterprise founded in 1947. It is the core of the Almaz-Antey holding. Headquarters – Moscow, Leningradsky av., 80.

Since 1955 KB-1 developed such air defence missile systems S-25, S-75, S-125, S-200, S-300, S-400 Triumf, S-300PMU and S-300PMU2, and recently S-350E Vityaz missile system.

Since 30 November 2009 by the decision of the board of directors of Almaz-Antey 4 joint-stock companies were reorganised and joined NPO Almaz to form GSKB joint venture, namely NIEMI, NIIRP, MNIIRE Altair and MNIIPA. GSKB strengthen its position as the head developer of Almaz-Antey holdings, became Head System Design Bureau (Russian: ГСКБ, Головное системное конструкторское бюро).

NIIRP scientific & research center is developing the Joint system of air and ballistic missile defense (Russian: ЕС ЗРО ПВО-ПРО). Earlier, NIIRP successfully developed the A-135 BMD system together with Amur-P multi-channel firing system which were put into operation to protect Moscow on 17 February 1995. Its predecessor also designed by NIIRP, the A-35 and A-35M BMD systems, defended Moscow since 1977.

In February 2011, it was announced that the first S-500 missile systems should be in serial production by 2014. There will be also a version of the system called S-1000.

Current product line

  • Area and object air defence
    S-125 Neva/Pechora
    S-400 Triumf missile system
    S-300PMU2 Favorit missile system
    S-300P missile system and modifications
  • Land forces air defence (by NIEMI scientific & research center)
    Antey-2500 missile system
    S-300V missile system
    Tor-M2E short-range missile system
  • Ship-based air defence (by MNIIRE Altair scientific & research center)
    Shtil-1 multi-channel ship-based middle-range missile system
    S-300F Rif-M ship-based missile system
    Klinok ship-based missile system
    3M-47 Gibka, the ship turret launcher
    Podzagolovok-24E – Basic Collective Mutual Interference Avoidance System (ship-based electromagnetic compatibility electronic equipment)
    Moskit-E, Moskit-MVE missile system
  • Automated control systems (by MNIIPA scientific & research center)

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