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Gökçen Efe (1881–16 November 1919) was a Turkish folk hero, who showed bravery in 1919 during the Turkish War of Independence.


He was born in Ödemiş, İzmir Province. His real name was Hüseyin. But, he used the name Gökçen Efe after choosing to live an Efe life as an aid to the well known Çakırcalı Mehmet Efe (1872–1911), who was his relative. After Greek army began invading Turkish territory on 15 May 1919, he bagan to fight against the regular Greek troops as a guerilla fighter under the general principles of Turkish National Movement (Turkish language: Kuvai Milliye). During the summer of 1919, he fought successfully against the Greek troops usually with hit-and-run tactics. In November, he tried to confront a Greek advance in the village Fata near Ödemiş. But, at the end of a three-day fighting, he fell on 16 November 1919.[1]


In 1957, Turkish government renamed the town of Fata, after merging with another settlement, to Gökçen in his honor.[2]


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