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French submarine Méduse
Career (France)
Name: Méduse
General characteristics
Class & type: Diane-class submarine
Type: submarine
Displacement: surfaced 650 tons
submerged 810 tons
Length: 64,4 m
Beam: 6,2 m
Draught: 4,3 m
Propulsion: 2 x diesels (1,400 bhp)
2 x electric motors (1,000 shp)
Speed: surfaced 13,7 knots
submerged 9 knots

Méduse was a Diane-class submarine of the French Navy. She was launched on 26 August 1930 at Le Havre. Méduse was beached and lost on 10 November 1942 off Cape Blanc, after being attacked by Allied aircraft.[1]


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