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French ship Union (1763)
Career (France) French Navy Ensign
Name: Union
Builder: Brest
Laid down: 1761
Launched: November 1763
In service: May 1764
Out of service: 1782
Notes: Offered by individuals
General characteristics
Displacement: 1090 tonnes
Length: 50.7 metres
Beam: 13.2 metres
Draught: 6.3 metres
Propulsion: Sail, full rigged ship
Armament: 64 guns
Armour: Timber

The Union was a 64-gun ship of the line of the French Navy. She was funded by a don des vaisseaux donation from individuals.

The construction of Union, initially ordered in 1755, dragged on until 1763. In 1767, she cruised off Morocco under Captain de Breugnon.

In 1778, she was converted into a hospital ship and was appointed to a squadron under Admiral d'Orvilliers. She was eventually wrecked in February 1782


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