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French ship Pluton (1778)
Combat du Scipion conte le London-Rossel de Cercy mg 5096.jpg
Scipion, sister-ship of Pluton raking HMS London during the Action of 18 October 1782.
Career (France) Ensign of the French Royal Navy
Name: Scipion
Honours and

Participated in:

Fate: Ran aground
General characteristics
Class & type: Scipion class
Tons burthen: 1500 tonnes
Length: 53.8 tonnes
Beam: 14.1 tonnes
Draught: 7.3 metres
Propulsion: Sails
Armament: 74 to 78 guns of various weights of shot

Pluton was a of Scipion class 74-gun French ship of the line built at Rochefort.

She fought in a series of battles during the American War of Independence, including the battles of Martinique (1780), Fort Royal (1781), Chesapeake (1781), St. Kitts, (1782), and the Saintes (1782).

She was renamed Dugommier in 1797 and seems to have seen little further active service. She was broken up in 1805.

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