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French ship Austerlitz (1808)
Commerce de Marseille-IMG 5773.jpg
1/48 scale model of the Océan class 120-gun ship of the line Commerce de Marseille, sister-ship of the Austerlitz. On display at Marseille naval museum.
Career (France) French Navy Ensign
Name: Austerlitz
Ordered: 1805
Completed: 1808
Fate: broken up in 1837
General characteristics
Class & type: Océan class ship of the line
Displacement: 2 700 tonnes
Length: 65,18 metres (196,6 French feet)
Beam: 16,24 metres (50 French feet)
Draught: 8,12 metres (25 French feet)
Propulsion: sail, 3 265 m²
Complement: 1 079 men

Rated as 120-gun:
lower deck: 32 36-pound guns
middle deck: 34 24-pound guns
upper deck: 34 18-pound guns

forecastle: 18 8-pound guns, 6 36-pound carronades
Armour: Timber

The Austerlitz was a first-rate 118-gun ship of the line of the French Navy, of the Océan type, designed by Jacques-Noël Sané.

Ordered on 19 December 1805 to reinforce the Navy after the disaster of Trafalgar, she was commissioned in Toulon in May 1809 under Captain Guien.

29 August 1814, after the Hundred Days, she was transferred from Toulon to Brest, along with Wagram and Commerce de Paris, where she was disarmed in December.

She was eventually struck and broken up in 1837.


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