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During its occupation of neighboring parts of Europe during the French Revolutionary Wars, France established republican regimes in these territories. The French Republic claimed to support the spread of the republican principles in Europe, but most of these client republics, or sister republics, were in fact a means of controlling the occupied lands through a mix of French and local control.

French client republics of Italy

  • Republic of Alba (1796–1801) annexed to the French Empire
  • Ligurian Republic (1796–1805) annexed to the French Empire
  • Italian Republic (1802–1805) transformed into the Kingdom of Italy
  • Republic of Brescia (1797)
  • Roman Republic (1798–1800)
    • Republic of Ancona (1797–1798) joined Roman Republic
    • Tiberina Republic (1798–1799) capital Perugia, joined Roman Republic
  • Lémanique Republic (1798) today Vaud canton
  • Etruscan Republic (1799)
  • Republic of Pescara (1799)
  • Parthenopaean Republic (1799) capital Naples
  • Subalpine Republic (1802) annexed to the French Empire

Other French client republics

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