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Franciszek Kacper Fornalski
Personal details
Born 1806
Pilica, Poland
Died July 17, 1850(1850-07-17)
Kunów, Poland
Spouse(s) Marianna Czerwińska

Franciszek Kacper Fornalski (1806-1850) was the Polish officer during the November Uprising.

The older son of Franciszek Fornalski and Julianna Konaszewska.

On 28 October 1811 he joined the Cadet Corps in Kalisz. After that he graduated the Infantry Cadet School in Warsaw and joined the Army of Congress Poland. Together with other students of this school he participated in the November Uprising.

Initially, the non-commissioned officer in the 1st Rifle Regiment. He was an adjutant of General Piotr Szembek in the 2nd Rifle Regiment. On 24 January 1831 he was promoted to the second lieutenant in the 23rd Infantry Regiment. On 11 October 1831 he arrived from Modlin to Warsaw to the Governmental War Committee.

After the uprising, Franciszek Kacper Fornalski moved to Kunów where was working as an architect.


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