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Francisco de Becerra
Born 1510s
Died 16th century
Place of birth Medellín, Extremadura, Spain
Place of death Brazil
Allegiance Flag of New Spain.svg Spain
Rank Captain

Francisco de Becerra (1510s, Medellín, Extremadura, Spain - ?, Brazil) was a Spanish nobleman, served as Captain in the Spanish Army, during the conquest of the New World.[1]


Born in Extremadura in the 1510s, Becerra was commander of the brigantine who brought to Mencía Calderón in 1550.[2] On that trip Becerra was accompanied by his wife Isabel, daughter of Álvaro Contreras y Carvajal.[3] He lost his life on the same trip, due to a shipwreck in Mbiazá, Brazil. His wife and children managed to save their lives.[4]


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