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Francisco Joaquim Ferreira do Amaral, GCTS, KCVO (Lisbon, Santa Catarina, 11 June 1843[1] – 11 August 1923) was a Portuguese naval commander and politician.


He was the only son of João Maria Ferreira do Amaral and wife Maria Helena de Albuquerque, 1st Baroness of Oliveira Lima.


He distinguished himself as a military and became Vice-Admiral and Admiral of the Portuguese Navy, being able to conquer important territories in Cabinda, Angola. For his successes, the realm wanted to grant him the title of Count, which he refused, suggesting that it would be better to grant his mother instead, who would be happier with it.

He served as Peer of the Realm by Royal Letter of 17 March 1898, Member of the Council of His Most Faithful Majesty, Minister of State and the first President of the Council of Ministers of Manuel II of Portugal, or 75th Prime Minister of Portugal, Deputy of the Nation, Governor of Moçâmedes, Governor of São Tomé e Príncipe, 78th Governor of Angola (1882–1886)[2] (1882–1886) and 101st Governor of the State of India (1886–1886), President of the Society of Geography, 308th Grand Cross of the Order of the Tower and Sword, etc. He was also created an Honorary Knight Commander of the Royal Victorian Order.

Marriage and issue[]

He married in Lisbon, São Julião, on 12 September 1880 Carolina Amélia Bastos (Lisbon, Santa Justa, 4 November 1852 – Goa, India, 22 October 1886), daughter of António Inácio Bastos and wife Maria Cristina da Conceição Tibau, and had three children:

  • João Maria Basto Ferreira do Amaral (1881 – 27 September 1884)
  • Maria Cristina Basto Ferreira do Amaral (Luanda, 18 March 1883 – Penamacor, Aldeia de João Pires, 15 September 1960), married António Emídio Taborda de Azevedo e Costa (Penamacor, Penamacor – Penamacor, Aldeia de João Pires), and had issue
  • Augusto Basto Ferreira do Amaral (Nova Goa, Goa, India, 17 October 1886 – Lisbon, São Sebastião da Pedreira, 10 February 1947)

Illegitimate issue[]

Before wedlock, he had two more recognized children.

At age 18 he impregnated a servant from his house (who was also the mistress and later second wife of his first cousin Guilherme de Albuquerque Carvalhal e França, by whom she had Júlio de Albuquerque e França), which scandal led them both to be expelled from their home, and had one daughter:

  • Serícia Emília Ferreira do Amaral (Lisbon, September 1861 – ?), unmarried and without issue

By Augusta Frederica Smith Chaves (c. 1850 – aft. 1923), of English descent, he had one son:

References and notes[]

  1. Some sources say 1844.
  2. Clarence-Smith, W. G. (2008). Slaves, Peasants and Capitalists in Southern Angola 1840–1926. pp. 38–39. 


  • Anuário da Nobreza de Portugal, III, 1985, Tomo II, pp. 758–761
Preceded by
João Franco
Prime Minister of Portugal
(President of the
Council of Ministers)

Succeeded by
Campos Henriques

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