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Francis Fuller (died 10 June 1748) was an officer of the British Army.

He was the elder son of Edward Fuller, a descendant of the Fullers of Uckfield in Sussex. On 19 July 1711 he was appointed lieutenant (ranking as a captain in the Army) in the 1st Regiment of Foot Guards. He was promoted to captain and lieutenant-colonel on 11 June 1715, second major of the regiment on 5 June 1733, first major on 5 July 1735, and lieutenant-colonel of the regiment on 15 December 1738. On 28 August 1739 Fuller was appointed colonel of the former George Reade's Regiment of Foot. He was promoted to brigadier-general on 18 February 1742 and major-general on 12 July 1743, and died while serving with his regiment at Cape Breton.


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