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Coordinates: 31°07′58″N 64°11′22″E / 31.13278°N 64.18944°E / 31.13278; 64.18944

FOB Delhi
Garmsir, Afghanistan
British Armed Forces Garmsir District memorial 01
Memorial at FOB Delhi, Afghanistan
Type Forward Operating Base
Site information
Controlled by United States Marine Corps
Site history
Built 2008
In use 2008–present

FOB Delhi in Afghanistan is a military expeditionary base built by the United States Marine Corps. It is along the Helmand River Valley in Garmsir at an abandoned Agricultural College building.[1] It was originally established by 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit in 2008 and was transferred to the British Army regiment The Light Dragoons of Task Force Helmand on September 8, 2008.[2] Prince Harry served there in late 2007. In June 2009, it was transferred to the US Marines of Task Force Leatherneck.

Forward Operating Base Delhi Massacre[]

On August 10, 2012 an Afghan teenager entered an on-base gym and fired an AK-47 killing 3 US Marines and injuring another. The incident is being invested by NCIS and the US Attorney's Office in New York.

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