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Fort Black
Greenfield, Pittsburgh
Sketch of the Defenses of Pittsburg (sic) made by order of Captain Craighill, Corps of Engrs., USA, July 20th, 1863... - NARA - 305785 (cropped, showing Fort Black).jpg
Fort Black is marked "Fort" in this map.
Type Fort
Coordinates Latitude:
Built 1863[1]

Fort Black[2] (also known as Fort Squirrel Hill and Fort Chess)[3] was a fort[4] built in Greenfield (then part of Squirrel Hill)[1] in 1863, during the times of the Civil War. It was located on Bigelow Street (formerly Squirrel Hill Road)[1] between Parade and Shields streets,[3] and had cannons facing the Point, and trenches to protect soldiers.[1]

The fort was one of the most massive of the 27 built at the time to defend Pittsburgh from the Confederates, and like the other forts, was built of mounds of dirt.[4]

A powder magazine was also built nearby, on Beechwood Boulevard.[4][3]


40°25′08″N 79°56′27″W / 40.4188°N 79.9407°W / 40.4188; -79.9407Coordinates: 40°25′08″N 79°56′27″W / 40.4188°N 79.9407°W / 40.4188; -79.9407

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