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Fort Beauregard was a Civil War era rectangular earthen fort located on a 430 feet (130 m) promontory above Tuscarora Creek just southeast of Leesburg, Virginia, in the present-day USA. Built in the winter of 1861-1862 following the Battle of Ball's Bluff, it was one of three forts built by Confederates to defend Leesburg against possible invasion. Fort Beauregard commanded the southern eastern approaches to the town, including the Old Carolina Road and the Alexandria and Winchester Turnpike (present day Virginia State Route 7). The fort may have been only partially constructed, and was never occupied by Confederates in force before Leesburg was evacuated in the spring of 1862. The fort was occupied by Union forces for a brief period in the summer of 1862. Most of the fort was destroyed in the early 1990s by the development of a subdivision[Clarification needed]. The subdivision incorporated civil war themes relating to the fort destroyed in its construction, including naming streets Beauregard Dr. and Fortress Cir..

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Coordinates: 39°05′43″N 77°33′01″W / 39.0953°N 77.5502°W / 39.0953; -77.5502

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