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This is a list of formations which are currently in existence in United States Army. This list is constantly changing as the Army changes its structure over time. Due to the nature of those changes, specifically in the restructure of brigades to autonomous modular brigades, debate has arisen as to whether brigades are considered units or formations; for the purposes of this list, brigades are currently excluded.

Formations on active status are shown in bold.


Army Corps[]

Army Divisions[]

Airborne and mountain divisions follow the designation system of infantry divisions, as do reserve and national guard divisions. All locations given are the locations of the individual division headquarters.

Armored Divisions[]

Cavalry Divisions[]

Infantry Divisions[]

Training Divisions[]

Independent Brigades[]

Independent Regiments[]

Army Separate Battalions[]

Army Separate Companies[]

Army Separate Platoons[]

Army Separate Detachments[]

  • 6th Military Police Detachment
  • 947th Military Police Detachment

Army Alpha Units[]

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