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Foreign Legion Detachment in Mayotte
(Détachement de Légion étrangère de Mayotte)
Active 1973 - Present
Country  France
Allegiance Flag of legion.svg French Foreign Legion
Branch France French Army
Type Infantry
Role Garrison
Garrison/HQ Dzaoudzi, Mayotte
Motto(s) Pericula ludus (Danger is my pleasure)
Anniversaries Camerone Day (April 30)
Battle honours CAMERONE 1863
Website Official Website
Lcl. Schiffer
Beret badge of the Foreign Legion Detachment in Mayotte Insigne de béret du DLEM.JPG
Abbreviation DLEM

The Foreign Legion Detachment in Mayotte (French language: Détachement de Légion étrangère de Mayotte, DLEM) is a detachment of the French Foreign Legion based on the island of Mayotte, near Madagascar. It is the smallest operational unit of the French Foreign Legion.[1] The main role of the detachment is to maintain a French presence in the region, enabling the French armed forces to quickly react to events in the Indian Ocean and the east coast of Africa.[2]


Originally established as the Foreign Legion Detachment in Comoros (French language: Détachement de Légion Étrangère de Comoros, DLEC) in 1967 from rotating companies of 3e REI on Madagascar.[3] When the Comoro Islanders voted for independence in 1976 the island of Mayotte opted to remain French and thus the title of the unit was changed accordingly.

In 1984 the DLEM inherited the standard of the disbanded 2nd Foreign Cavalry Regiment (2e REC).[3]


Currently composed of 282 men, 162 of which are on short-term posting.[4]

  • Compagnie de commandement et de logistique (CCL) - Command and Support Company
  • Une unité PROTERRE - rotating company from either Legion or Airborne



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