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Foreign Legion Command (COMLE)
File:Insignia of (COMLE).png
Foreign Legion Command Insignia
Active 1984 - Present
Country  France
Branch Logo of the French Army (Armee de Terre).svg French Army
Type Administration
Role Headquarters
Size 47 Personnel Total
23 Officers
24 Enlisted
Headquarters Aubagne, France
Battle honours Camerone 1863
Commandant of the French Foreign Legion Brigadier General Alain Bouquin
Beret badge of the Foreign Legion Command Insige de béret COMLE Type 2.jpg
Abbreviation COMLE

The Foreign Legion Command (COMLE), or Commandement de la Légion Étrangère, is the headquarters of the French Foreign Legion.[1] The headquarters detachment was established in 1984 following the reorganization of the previous Foreign Legion Group (GLE). Foreign Legion Command is headed by the Foreign Legion's Commandant.


The Foreign Legion command assumed the command responsibility for French Foreign Legion from its previous incarnation as Foreign Legion Group in 1984. Foreign Legion Command directly oversees all logistical, human resource issues, training, and all other Foreign administrative issues.[1] Foreign Legion Command handles these responsibilities through its directly subordinate units and through the 1st Foreign Regiment as well as the 4th Foreign Regiment.[1] COMLE has direct command over the 1st and 4th Foreign Regiments (these are the only two such regiments which are outside regular French army command).[1] Foreign Legion Command is led by the Commandant of the Foreign Legion, either by a Major General or a Brigadier General, who answers directly to the Chief of Staff of the French Army.[1]


  • Human Resources Division (DRHLE): This unit handles the administrative affairs of personnel serving overseas.
  • Foreign Legion Recruiting Group (GRLE): This unit is responsible for coordinating all recruiting activities for the French Foreign Legion.
  • Foreign Legion Emergency Staff and Statistics Division (DSPLE): This division is the intelligence staff of the Foreign Legion.
  • Communication and Information Division (DICLE): This division manages the public relations and internal communications of the Foreign Legion.
  • Division of Information Systems and Communication (DSICLE): This division manages the information systems and networks of the Foreign Legion. This division also is responsible for publishing the publication Képi Blanc.
  • History and Heritage Division (DHPLE): This division works to preserve the history of the French Foreign Legion, including the operation of the Legion's museum.



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