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The Flying Squadron was a special British Royal Navy squadron that operated during 1896.[1]

Following the Jameson Raid in South Africa, the German Emperor Wilhelm II sent a telegram of support to President Kruger. This led to a war scare in Europe. To ready itself for the possibility of a war with the German Empire, the Royal Navy formed the Particular Service Squadron at England, on 14 January 1896. It was soon renamed the Flying Squadron. Its flagship was the battleship HMS Revenge and the other ships in the squadron were battleship HMS Royal Oak, first class cruisers HMS Gibraltar and HMS Theseus (Edgar class) and second class cruisers HMS Charybdis and HMS Hermione. The squadron was commanded by Rear Admiral Alfred T Dale.

The Flying Squadron was held in readiness for ten months, and briefly was attached to the Mediterranean Fleet in mid-1896. No war broke out, and the Flying Squadron was disbanded in November 1896.[1]


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