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Flieger-Doppelpistole 1919
Type Submachine gun
Service history
Used by Swiss Air Force
Production history
Designer Adolf Furrer
Designed 1919
Manufacturer W+F Bern
Length 760mm
Barrel length 200mm

Cartridge 7.65x21mm Parabellum
Caliber 7.65mm
Barrels 2
Action Toggle delayed blowback
Rate of fire 1900rpm
Effective range 200m
Feed system 80 rounds (40 round detatchable box magazines)
Sights Iron

The Flieger-Doppelpistole 1919 was an aircraft submachine gun of Swiss origin.[1] The weapon used a toggle delayed blowback for its operation.[2]


The Flieger-Doppelpistole 1919 is a 2 barrel, magazine fed submachine gun intended as an aircraft weapon. It uses the toggle delayed blowback for its operation firing from an open bolt. Magazines are the curved type from the Furrer MP1919 which the weapon is a variant of. The weapon comes with a pistol grip, stock and crosshair type sights.


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