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Fleet Submarine Force
JMSDF Fleet Submarine Force logo.png
Fleet Submarine Force emblem
Active 10 February 1981 – present
Country Japan
Allegiance Japan
Branch Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force
Role Fleet
Size approx 1,800 people
Part of Self-Defense Fleet
Garrison/HQ Yokosuka
Anniversaries 10 February
Commander Major general Kozama Zentaka

The Fleet Submarine Force belonged to the surface force for the self-defense fleet of the Maritime Self-Defense Forces. It is a fleet organized around submarines belonging to the Self-Defense Fleet of the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force.[1]


On 1 February 1965, the 1st Submarine Group was newly formed under the Self-Defense Fleet. On 16 October 1973, the 2nd Submarine Group was newly formed under the Self-Defense Fleet. On 10 February 1981, the Submarine Fleet was newly formed under the Self-Defense Fleet (Headquarters, 1st Submarine Group, 2nd Submarine Group, Submarine Education and Training Corps).

On 9 March 2000, a new edition of the 1st Training Submarine. Initially, the submarines belonged in the group were JDS Asashio and JDS Setoshio.[2] On 22 March 2002, the Yokosuka Submarine Education and Training Detachment was newly established in the Submarine Education and Training Corps. On 1 October 2020, the Submarine Fleet Command moved to the new Maritime Operations Center, a new government building of the Self-Defense Fleet Command completed in the Funakoshi area.[3]



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