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First Battle of Jaunde
Part of the Kamerun Campaign in World War I
Date1 May - late June 1915
LocationArea around Jaunde, German Kamerun
Result German victory

United Kingdom British Empire

  • Flag of British Colonial Nigeria.svg British Nigeria

France France

  • France French Equatorial Africa

German Empire Germany

  • Flag of Deutsch-Kamerun.svg German Kamerun

The First Battle of Jaunde involved the attempted British and French assault on the German capital of Jaunde during the Kamerun Campaign of the First World War. Due to a lack of coordination, difficult terrain, adverse weather conditions, and stiff German resistance, the attack was forced to retreat in late June 1915. Another assault on the capital would not be conducted until later that year.


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Coordinates: 03°52′N 11°31′E / 3.867°N 11.517°E / 3.867; 11.517

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