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First Battle of Dalton
Part of the American Civil War
DateFebruary 22, 1864 (1864-02-22)–February 27, 1864 (1864-02-27)
LocationWhitfield County, Georgia
Result Confederate victory
United States United States of America (Union) Confederate States of America Confederate States of America
Commanders and leaders
George H. Thomas Joseph E. Johnston
Units involved
Army of the Cumberland Army of Tennessee
Casualties and losses
300 140

The First Battle of Dalton was a series of American Civil War skirmishes that took place between February 22 and February 27, 1864, in Whitfield County, Georgia. On February 22, Union Army Major General George H. Thomas decided to probe Confederate General Joseph E. Johnston's troops, to determine if the loss of two divisions to reinforce Confederate forces elsewhere had made them vulnerable to attack. After several days of intense skirmishing, Thomas's army withdrew upon realizing Johnston could repel any assault.


Coordinates: 34°48′11″N 85°00′45″W / 34.8031°N 85.0124°W / 34.8031; -85.0124

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