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Battle of Cannanore
Part of Portuguese battles in the Indian Ocean
Date31 December 1501 - 2 January 1502
LocationCannanore, India
Result Portuguese victory
Portuguese Empire Calicut
Commanders and leaders
João da Nova Zamorin of Calicut
4 carracks More than 220 vessels, including 40 major ships and
180 paraus and zambuks
7000 men [1]
Casualties and losses
Few 5 major ships sunk
A dozen paraus and zambuks sunk

The naval battle of Cannanore (1501/1502) (First Battle of Cannanore) was a naval engagement between the Third Portuguese Armada under João da Nova and the naval forces of Calicut, which had been assembled by the Zamorin against the Portuguese in order to prevent their return to Portugal.

The battle took over two days between 31 December 1501 and 2 January 1502, and was the first major Portuguese naval engagement in the Indian Ocean. Although badly outnumbered, da Nova's bold tactics, better trained and prepared men and superior weaponry proved decisive for the Portuguese to defeat the blocking force of Calicut, break out of Cannanore, and emerge victorious from the battle.

The battle is also historically notable for being one of the earliest recorded deliberate uses of a naval line of battle, and for resolving the battle by cannon alone. These tactics would become increasingly prevalent as navies evolved and began to see ships less as carriers of armed men, and more as floating artillery. In that respect, this has been called the first 'modern' naval battle (at least for one side).[2] After it, João da Nova returned to Portugal.


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