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First Battle of Artois
Part of the Western Front of World War I
DateDecember 1914–January 1915
LocationArtois, France
Result Stalemate
France France
United Kingdom United Kingdom
German Empire German Empire
Commanders and leaders
France Joseph Joffre German Empire Erich von Falkenhayn
German Empire Rupprecht of Bavaria

The First Battle of Artois (December 1914 – January 1915) was a military encounter during World War I. The battle was the first offensive move on the Western Front by either side after the First Battle of Ypres ended in November 1914. The French assault failed to break the frontline stalemate.[1][2][3][4]

Small skirmishes had taken place at Artois during the previous September and October as part of the Race to the Sea. Later, in May 1915, a French attack towards Vimy Ridge would become known as the Second Battle of Artois. A Third Battle of Artois took place from 25 September–15 October 1915, sometimes called the Artois-Loos Offensive.


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