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Fighters Against Nazis Medal
Ot lohem banazim-1.jpg
Awarded by Israel
Type Service medal
Eligibility Israeli citizens or permanent residents in Israel who served in any of the allied armed forces or as partisans or members of underground resistance groups between 1 September 1939 and 1 September 1946.
Awarded for Serving in World War II
Campaign World War II
Status Awarded as necessary
Established As a ribbon: 1967
As a medal: 2000

Fighters against Nazis Medal (Hebrew: אות הלוחם בנאצים‎) is an Israeli decoration that is awarded to World War II veterans.

First instituted as a ribbon bar in 1967, it was first awarded to World War II veterans at Yom HaShoah the same year by the Prime Minister of Israel, Levi Eshkol.

In 1985 to mark 40 years to victory in World War II, an Israeli flag with the ribbon bar was awarded to a numbers of museums dedicated to the war.

In 2000, a medal was created from the ribbon bar.

Award criteria

The medal is awarded to all Israeli citizens who either:

  • Served in an Allied army during World War II.
  • Served in an anti-Nazi resistance group.
  • Served in a partisan unit.
  • Served in the civil defense of a nation under attack by the Axis forces.


The medal is round and its color is gold.

On the front of the medal are two Stars of David; one of them is shaped as a Yellow badge and has a sword on it while the other has an olive branch on it.

On the reverse there is the coat of arms of Israel in the center and around it the writing "Fighter against the Nazis - veteran of World War II" (Hebrew: לוחם בנאצים - ותיק מלחמת העולם השנייה).

The medal ribbon is red with a white stripe on each side and on the white stripe there are two thinner blue stripes; there are also two black stripes along the edges of the ribbon. This design was made to be nearly identical to the ribbon of the Iron Crosses awarded in World War II.[citation needed].


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