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Fateh Mobin/فاتح مبین
Type Short-range ballistic missile[1][2][3]
Place of origin Iran
Service history
In service 2018-present[1][2][3]
Used by AFAGIR
Length 9 m[3]

Propellant Single-stage solid-propelled[1]
200-300 km[1]
Terminal guidance, Infrared homing[1]

The Fateh Mobin is an Iranian single-stage solid propelled Terminal Infrared homing dual surface-to-surface and anti-ship short-range ballistic missile.[1] It was first unveiled on a military parade in Tehran on 13 August 2018[1][2] two days after American media reported it.[3] It is an upgraded version of the Fateh-110 with better guidance.[1] The Iranians plan on using its guidance systems on the Zolfaghar SRBM which some sources suggest does have a poor guidance system.[3]


In the words of Iranian defense minister Amir Hatami the missile is purely indigenous, low-observable and precision guided.[1] The missile is thought to be a variant of the Fateh-110 with only a better guidance system and same range of 200-300 km.[1] The missile probably has Terminal guidance through Imaging Infrared which explains its nose cone.[1] A missile with such guidance itself is radar-evasive.[1] The missile has a length of just 9 m which means that it can be loaded in sea containers to be launched from sea platforms.[3]


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